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Deeds are legal documents that establish the ownership of real estate. While the purpose of a deed seems straightforward on the surface, the actual management and creation of deeds can be far more complex than you might expect. If you have found yourself in any situation that involves or concerns deeds, mortgages, and the like, you should seek out dedicated and experienced legal counsel right away.

New York Deed Attorney James J. Quail of James J. Quail & Associates, P.C. in Massapequa can help you from start to finish with any deed-related procedure or transaction. Our law firm proudly offers competitively-priced flat-rate fees for such services.

Our flat-rate service fees include:

  • $750*: To obtain a prior deed, draft new date and transfer documents, and file with the county clerk, plus recording fees.
  • $550*: To draft mortgage satisfaction or assignment, including obtaining a mortgage, drafting a satisfaction or assignment, and filing with the county clerk, plus recording fees.
  • $150*: An additional flat-rate free for properties located in the City of New York.

Schedules of Recording Fees

Throughout New York, each county charges recording and filing fees for deeds and mortgages. The amount varies depending on the county and is subject to changes in regulations. For your convenience, our law firm manages and charges the applicable county recording fee rates and service charges in addition to our flat-fees. This way you only need to make one payment to our law firm, rather than dealing with providing payment to the right county clerk’s office.

We serve the following regions for help with deeds for:

1, 2, or 3 family dwellings:
  • Nassau: $870
  • Suffolk: $415
  • New York City: $207
  • Richmond: $191
Other properties:
  • Nassau: $995
  • Suffolk: $540
  • New York City: $332
  • Richmond: $316

About Satisfactions & Assignments of Mortgages

Under New York’s Real Property and Proceedings Law §1921, a mortgage is required to file a satisfaction within 30 days. Failing to record a satisfaction within 30 days can bring financial penalties, which will escalate if the recording is not completed at the 60-day and 90-day marks as well. If you are a private lender, you are not allowed to simply provide a satisfaction to the borrower, but you must have it recorded instead.

Mortgage assignments are necessary any time a party purchases a mortgage note. Prior to commencing any foreclosure action, a mortgage assignment must be filed. Our law firm can also assist you with satisfactions and assignments of mortgages throughout New York, also arranged on a competitively-priced schedule of flat-rate service fees depending on the area.

We serve the following regions for help with satisfactions and assignments of mortgages:

  • Nassau: $735.50
  • Suffolk: $575
  • New York City: $82
  • Richmond: $59

Would you like to know more about our deed and mortgage assignment services in New York? Please call 516.246.2449 to speak with a member of our law firm. You can also use an online contact form if you prefer.

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