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Removing Liens & Judgments from Title

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If you have been sued, it is likely that you have had a lien put on your property or a judgement entered against you. These issues can also arise if you have outstanding tax debt, and can greatly affect your ability to sell or refinance, as both liens and judgments will come up in title searches.

Even if you have undergone a bankruptcy, your property still may be at risk. At James J. Quail & Associates, P.C., our Massapequa real estate law attorney can help you clear title of your home.

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What Are Liens?

In the State of New York, there are three types of liens. These include:

  • Judgements, such as resulting from a creditor or lawsuit
  • Consensual, such as your mortgage
  • Statutory, such as from the IRS or because of back property tax owed

While bankruptcy proceedings may eliminate a borrower’s obligation, a mortgage lien will stay with your property. In addition, tax liens generally need to be paid, but there are a few instances where you may be able to avoid paying penalties or paying off the lien in full. These issues are complicated, however, and require the careful attention of a dedicated Nassau County real estate law attorney.

How Can I remove a Judgement from My Property?

If you have equity in your home, you may be able to remove a judgment entered against you. By filing a lien avoidance motion or a motion in Superior Court, your title may be cleared and you can then sell or refinance your property. Removing a judgement can thus leave more money for you as a seller.

How Can a Nassau County Attorney Help Me?

Because of our experience in the field, we know how to navigate the strict time limits associated with many removal proceedings. We can also advise you on when you can and cannot remove a lien or judgement, and what all of your legal options may be.

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