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Massapequa Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

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Here at James J. Quail & Associates, P.C., we are skilled in crafting foreclosure defenses for our clients so that they can save their homes and recover compensation for abuse when necessary. We have found that lenders often bring their actions after having violated the law in some respect. We investigate these issues and use them as an effective defense for our clients facing foreclosure. More than that, we can use these violations to seek damages on our clients’ behalf. For zealous defense against foreclosure, we urge you to contact our foreclosure lawyer in Massapequa as soon as possible: 516.246.2449.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Foreclosure Case?

The Massapequa foreclosure defense lawyer at our firm takes the time to understand your story and develop a compelling case on your behalf when you retain our counsel. We thoroughly review documents regarding the original loan and the collection history. By thoroughly investigating all information, we are able to develop a strong and effective defense strategy to help you.

We can craft defenses and counterclaims for damages based on:

  • Unclean Hands: The lender has improperly sought relief while being guilty of disreputable conduct including predatory lending practices and violation of the Fair Debt Collections Act.
  • Illegal Charges Added to Balance: The lender has charged predatory initial fees and added improper late fees and attorney fees.
  • Lack of Standing: Party making the claim is not the original lender and has not provided proof of having purchased the mortgage.
  • Failure to Offer Foreclosure Prevention Loan Servicing: The lender has failed to provide a foreclosure prevention conference with a realistic alternative to foreclosure.
  • Illegal Consumer Collection: The lender has violated the Fair Debt Collections Act by seeking illegal fees and proceeding without foreclosure prevention loan servicing.

Don't Wait—You Only Have 20 Days!

If you have been sued, our firm only has 20 days from the date of service to put in our response on your behalf. We urge you to contact us immediately so we get to work developing your foreclosure defense. Ready to get trusted counsel on your side? Call us now. We can prepare a response to the foreclosure lawsuit and aggressively defend you in the action as we pursue justice for your situation.

Contact our Massapequa real estate attorney to discuss your foreclosure defenses today: 516.246.2449.

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