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Stay in Forgery Case: James J. Quail & Associates Successes


James J. Quail & Associates, P.C. is known throughout Massapequa and the rest of New York for taking on complicated real estate law cases and coming out on top for our clients. In a recent case, we had the opportunity to represent the owner of a piece of property that was conveyed several times over the years for the purpose of bank fraud. Conveyance of a piece of property is the transfer of ownership interest from one group to another. Typically, the more conveyances there are for a piece of property, the more complicated any sort of real estate dispute or transaction in the future will be.

After we commenced an action and obtained a Temporary Restraining Order and preliminary injunction, the defendant was forced to post a bond or lose the injunction. With our extensive legal experience and understanding of real estate law, we were able to successfully argue for a stay of that order to reduce the bond to half the value that the court implemented. Not only did this save the case, it preserved his right to reside at the property until the court confirms the fraud.

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