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At James J. Quail & Associates, P.C., we assist clients involved in real estate litigation in the Suffolk and Nassau counties. This can involve blowups in real estate transactions between buyers and sellers due to fraud, hidden defects, or another type of breach. Litigation can also occur in real estate mortgage transactions where a homeowner experiences difficulty in making payments. We urge you to contact our Massapequa real estate lawyer as soon as possible so you can receive our aggressive representation.

What Do I Do If I Find Defects in a New Home?

Upon moving in, a buyer may discover undisclosed defects that cause damage to their property, possessions, or even cause a loss of property value.

These can include the following issues:

  • Faulty pipes
  • Mold
  • Ground settling
  • Hazardous wiring
  • Toxic substances in the yard
  • Leaky roofs
  • Shoddy construction

Any of these issues can make a home or commercial space uninhabitable and require expensive repair. Our Massapequa real estate litigation attorney can take legal action to recover the proper compensation you are owed.

Can I Modify a Loan to Prevent Foreclosure?

Many homeowners have difficulty making mortgage payments and find themselves in foreclosure. This is particularly common since the economic downturn. We assist clients abused by predatory lending and other unscrupulous lender conduct. We raise foreclosure defenses and prosecute foreclosure violations for appropriate damages.

Where our homeowner clients have a stable income but have fallen behind in their payments, we assist them in pursuing a loan modification. Where lenders resist, we force consideration at foreclosure settlement conferences (CPLR 3408 conferences) and appeal to the judge to compel lenders to act in good faith. Where our clients are ready to give up the property, we demand the lender give appropriate consideration to a deed in lieu of foreclosure or short sale offers. We press lenders to accept these offers as a straight exchange with no further compensation required or negative reflection on our clients’ credit.

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